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Cooks Creek Heritage Day - August 26th 2018

On Sunday afternoon we participated in the above event with an Exhibit. This turned out to be terrific publicity for the club and we had a steady flow of old and young by our display.

We had our club material - Brochures, Poultry Standard  books, Fall sale posters, Mugs, etc on display. Andrew the fainting goat was a big hit as were all the critters - the velveteen rabbit ant the hens and roosters.

People were really interest in the club and what we are about - Thank goodness Danica and Kylie were on hand to answer questions as to breeds, colors, the intricacies of raising critters and much more.


A big thank you to Danica and Kylie for the work and materials for not only setting up our display but for bringing the critters as well.


Be sure to take a look at all of the pictures below (click an image to enlarge). The Cooks Creek Heritage Museumís appreciation of our attendance is evidenced by their Thank You Note!







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